The Skinny Gourmet Way

The Skinny Gourmet Way


      Cooking the
Skinny Gourmet Way

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Skinny Cow!

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Now, we all know that there is no such thing as a skinny cow...well, except for those exceptionally delectable Skinny Cow ice cream confections, but I am not talking about those. Side note: Have you tried the mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches. Yeow!! And-how, Skinny Cow!

Back to the subject at hand, I am a dairy person. I love all dairy from milk to gelato. But in order to save some calories and unwanted fat in my everyday cooking, so I can have that occasional gelato, I have invested years of experimenting with dairy alternatives that are lower in fat and more body friendly to my “wanna-maintain my ideal weight” attitude.

My most recent discovery is unsweetened almond milk. I love it! For those who don’t eat dairy or have a lactose intolerance, this is a great alternative. It is loaded with calcium and nutrition with a fraction of the calories – only 35 – 40 calories per cup for unsweetened plain or vanilla. I use Almond Breeze and Silk, both are delicious. It works in almost everything instead of milk (you will have to experiment with your treasured recipes), even my Skinny Chocolate Fudge Sauce and from scratch Homemade Double Dark Chocolate Pudding.

Since almond milk is a little thicker, I use it like fat free half and half or cream. Almond milk works great to add creaminess to homemade soups. Try it in my Rockin’ Broccoli Soup for a simple, so healthy soup. Even if you don’t love broccoli, this soup is really delicious.

Fat free cottage cheese is a stable in my refrigerator. Use a good quality for optimal results. It is neutral in flavor and can be used to moisten, add texture and makes delicious fillings for the creamy cheese type of fillings. I use fat free cottage cheese in omelets and scrambled eggs for light, fluffy eggs and a little extra protein, just a spoonful will do ya. And also in Italian Turkey Meatloaf for a moist meatloaf every time, even when using the 99% fat free ground turkey.

And don’t miss my hearty, Best Buckwheat Pancakes…yes, they have fat free cottage cheese in them too. They are thick and airy, with a rustic goodness that only buckwheat imparts. They will become a beloved recipe in your repertoire after you try them just once. Top these pancakes with no sugar added canned peaches—then you don’t need any syrup and you really reduce your sugar intake—a big plus and soooooo good!

Cottage cheese is just the tip of the whipped cream peak. Speaking of whipped cream, Fat Free Reddi Whip is real cream, just skimmed and skimmed in just the right places, certainly not in taste. And there are no unhealthy additives. No reason not to put it on everything!!

Try Fat Free Reddi Whip on Sugar Free Jell-O for a refreshing dessert and on Homemade Double Dark Chocolate Pudding.  Check out this simple tip for making  Glammed Up Jell-O for dessert, made with fat free Greek style yogurt. It’s easy and adds a new twist to an ol’ friend. And yes, spritz it with some fat free whipped cream—you can add a cherry on top too! The ultimate in a favorite childhood Jell-O dessert, with no fat or sugar!

Fat free Greek yogurt has become a permanent container in my fridge. Try it in these incredibly moist and flavorful Sunflower Seed Cranberry Mini Loaves. These mini loaves say it’s the season in such a delicious way. Great with breakfast, for snacks and/or served with your favorite soups and salads. Try a little no sugar or low sugar jam slathered on top for a real yumfest!

I love cheese—and who doesn’t? I save the scrumptious artisan cheeses for special occasions. I use Cabot brand reduced fat cheeses and have fabulous results. My favorite is the 75% reduced fat white cheddar. It works great in my Tortilla Chicken, a real family pleaser for any night of the week. I shred this cheese and use it in anything full fat cheese calls for like, Skinny Mushroom Quesadillas. These are a great accompaniment with the Rockin' Broccoli Soup and so, so easy to make. I have learned to use cheese as an accent flavor. You will be surprised how a little bit goes a long way. 

Fat free cream cheese is another favorite for me. It is a great substitution in most cases. I especially love fat free cream cheese instead of butter in redskin mashed potatoes (again, a little dab will do ya, sprinkle with a little Molly McButter for that butter flavor) and my Spiked Smashed Sweet Potatoes, a great side dish for the Italian Turkey Meat Loaf. Fat free cream cheese adds a wonderfully rich flavor and texture to both potato sides. 

For the grande finale, why not have more chocolate? Try my Decadent Dark Cocoa Brownies. I skimmed the sugar and fat leaving just the right amount of sinful and scrumptious making these your new go-to brownie recipe. I use almond milk in these. It is all about the milk, Baby! Eat these without a shred of guilt and a great big smile!!!

Check out all these recipes and more in "Cooking Skinny Recipes". Don't miss my favorite in pasta, Skinny Stroganoff, another fat free dairy favorite and a "skinny" twist on a traditional family recipe.

Enjoy going Skinny! Mangi Bene!

And if you still need to lose a few pesky pounds, don't waste another moment. 

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